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Easier web app testing by mapping entities to UI objects

Automated, browser-based testing is a key element of web application development, benefiting both simple and complex applications. Writing effective tests for browser-based apps can be a complex, tedious and often repetitive task. In this post, I will be discussing a … Continue reading

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provashell – testing shell scripts the easy way

In this post I will describe the provashell project, an Apache 2.0 licensed bash and shell Unit Testing library using annotations. The library is a self-contained script file with no dependencies that can be embedded or used easily in your project. Extra … Continue reading

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Easy deployment of Zookeeper and Storm in RPM packages

In this post we will package Storm and its dependencies to achieve seamless deployment of a realtime big data processing system. Following up on the first Meteorit project article, we will be adding the minimal supervisor system mon, Zookeeper, zeromq … Continue reading

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Crayon: codi font en colors en WordPress amb cara i ulls

Feia temps que buscava una bona solució per pintar codi font una mica decent. Fins ara tenia el Syntax Highlighter Evolved, basat en el Syntax Highlighter d’Alex Gorbatchev, però no n’estava gaire convençut. Navegant per altres blocs he vist el … Continue reading

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Handling real-time events with Nginx, Lua and Redis

In this post, we will explore options to handle lots of HTTP events asynchronously using Nginx, Lua for the frontend and Redis as the backend. Although there are plenty of options out there to deal with this, we will check … Continue reading

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Building an FTP server Maven plugin from scratch

In this post we design and code a new Maven plugin that fires up a FTP server to aid in integration testing of FTP-bound processes, thus demonstrating the flexibility and power of Maven plugins.

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Nokia, Google and Microsoft, without any options in the mobile arena

Google, Microsoft and Nokia have something in common: they had little choice in some of their latest strategic moves in the mobile arena, maybe their biggest moves in a long, long time. Unusual for such giants, eh? Continue reading

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Templating the OSGi way with Freemarker

After some well-deserved rest the OSGi components on the server series is back with a vengeance and a somewhat independent post. For some background please check the other posts in the series. A common feature of Web applications is the … Continue reading

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Components on the server (6): adding Integration Testing

In this installment of the server-side OSGi series, we add integration testing capabilities to our project. Integration testing goes beyond plain unit testing and checks the interactions between real components. This is in contrast with unit testing, which generally uses … Continue reading

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El manifest – Unlink your feeds

Gràcies al Roger per enllaçar al manifest ‘Unlink your feeds‘, em subscric totalment a la iniciativa. La idea és anar amb molt de compte en enllaçar els posts i updates de microblogging entre els diferents serveis, no sempre és lo … Continue reading

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