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Nokia, Google and Microsoft, without any options in the mobile arena

Google, Microsoft and Nokia have something in common: they had little choice in some of their latest strategic moves in the mobile arena, maybe their biggest moves in a long, long time. Unusual for such giants, eh? Continue reading

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Flash on iPhone OS: two extra reality checks

Unless you live in a remote and far away place you will have heard of the media impact of Apple’s decision to ban the Adobe Flash to iPhone solution and the various discussions that have ensued. I won’t bother with … Continue reading

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Apple i Google: I això que no eren amics…

Els de Gizmodo ens han regalat una xafarderia un xic inusual… L’Eric Schmidt de Google i el Steve Jobs d’Apple prenent un café en un bar de Palo Alto. I això que teòricament estaven en “peu de guerra“. Serà que … Continue reading

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Firefox for N900 with Flash disabled. Ah, the irony…

From the Firefox for Nokia N900 1.0 release notes themselves, stumbled upon this little gem: Initially, Firefox for N900 does not support browser plug-ins. Due to performance problems using Adobe Flash within Firefox on many websites, especially those with multiple … Continue reading

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Com passa el temps en el món de la indústria informàtica

Estava llegint l’article curtet de la BusinessWeek que comenta breument l’evolució de la situació d’Apple a nivell de borsa. M’ha cridat l’atenció la següent llista del valor total de l’empresa (market cap): Microsoft — $236 billion Apple — $183 billion … Continue reading

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